This program works well when conducted by people who are committed to their relationships with the program manager.

Step 1: FG will review the applicant’s financial situation with total disclosure of their personal financial situation.

Step 2: We then review the financial situation a 2nd time, but this time we view it from the perspective as if the applicant had 0 consumer debt. We have found that if the debt servicing of interest is removed, then the person may be able to create a monthly budget that easily covers obligations and necessities and still have some money to pay off principle on their debt. If a person is in this category, they are likely a good candidate for the *Grace Loan.

Step 3: The applicant’s obligations then need to be reviewed in detail with a view toward reducing or eliminating the current lifestyle items that are unnecessary. Creating an ideal revised budget is the final stage of this step. A budget that the applicant can commit to enabling God to guide the applicant how to steward the overflow above the revised budget of living.

Step 4: The follow up with the recipient in this program is very important and should be a bi weekly review of the revised agreed budget to ensure proper tracking of expenses and the commitments made at the start of the process. Once the tracking is consistent, then a monthly review should be sufficient.

Step 5: Feedback and results. Prayer and spiritual warfare are a required part of the support for the person or family. The enemy and the world system do not easily allow a person to obtain freedom so we must take our stand together in prayer and devotion.

Step 6: Once the process of accountability has been established, and applicant has completed the rigorous educational process they should be in the proper position to receive a financial grace grant or financial grace loan.