The mission of Financial Grace is to free the financial captives* by simultaneously applying
  • the concept of Gods Grace to their financial situation *money to pay off debts
  • supervision, accountability, and encouragement through the support of the recipients church
  • education, a rigorous program to teach and hold accountable Gods ways of handling finances and whole life stewardship.A financial captive* is defined as a believer who desires to be generous in their giving of tithes and offerings back to God, but is held back from doing so due to their consumer debt which they desire to pay off but have as yet been unable to do so.
  1. Educational Assistance – ANY Christian believer can attend one of Financial Grace’s free
    introductory financial seminars online which teach the difference between financial freedom
    and financial slavery from the perspective of scripture and the biblical principles about
    money(such as responsible spending, saving, giving, and the dangers of debt).
  2. Financial Coaching and Assistance – After attending Financial Grace’s introductory
    financial seminar, ANY Christian believer may apply for the Grace program , which
    involves financial training and the debt eradication process.
  3. The Debt Eradication Process – There are 2 ways in which Financial Grace will seek the
    Lord and be obedient to use money to free a Christian spiritually from Financial Slavery.

    1. A 0% LOAN If the family or person has the reasonable ability to pay back their debts within a 2
      year period (or reasonable time) FG will lend at 0 interest , the money to the student to
      remove all of the slavery chains to worldly institutions and the worldly system. This can only
      be considered once the student has proven through 6 months of activity that they have the self
      discipline to control their budget and control the money that is flowing into their hands.
    2. GIFT OF $ FINANCIAL GRACE If the student/church member is unable (as determined by
      the elders and staff of FG) to repay the debts they are under, FG is willing to pay off the debts
      for them (as God leads) in order to free them and make them an active member of the
      kingdom without financial restraints. If properly received, this grace should inspire the
      recipient to use their time, tools, resources in life to give grace to others as God leads him/her
      thus ‘increasing the fruits of righteousness’ *2 Corinth 9:10
  4. What is isn’t – There are other Christian ministries which teach and train God’s principles
    about money. None of those ministries offer the opportunity for tangible grace in the
    form of money released from the world system into a Kingdom mission of freeing a
    financial slave and turn a previously shackled Christian believer into a grateful free
    newly education believer willing to give back to kingdom work for the rest of their lives
    and willing to ‘test’* God in his promises and willingly travel the lifelong road of
    growing in faith through the tool of money *Malachai 3:10.
  5. Why it is needed – Grace & forgiveness are foundational aspects of Christianity.
    Eradicated debts provide more than just peace – that is Financial Grace!